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General Meeting & Luncheon

Tuesday, November 14th, 11:00 AM.
The Cooper House
NCGH General Meeting and CRAFFLE

Note: New CRAFFLE Guidelines
This year we want to celebrate the many kinds of talents we have in our club and keep the theme of "craft" in the items to be raffled. We want to include ALL of our members' Creativity and encourage you to Think Outside the Box!!!!

CRAFFLE Suggestions/Ideas:
Traditional member-made crafts
Food, beverage, bath, and garden member-created items
Purchased crafts from local vendors
Gift certificates for supplies or classes

The September Newsletter contains lots of great ideas. As always, donating to the Craffle is NOT a prerequisite for participating in the fun,
but it does earn you EXTRA RAFFLE TICKETS!!

Please reserve your seat at the Coffee or contact Nicki Thompson.