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    Welcome to the Newcomers Club of Greater Huntsville. We are a friendly, vibrant, fun-loving women's organization. Most of us are Huntsville or Madison residents, but we have members from as far west as Athens and as far north as the Tennessee border. The club offers you an opportunity to make lasting friendships while learning about northern Alabama. There is at least one activity every week — anything from casual luncheon potlucks to all-day bridge sessions to area tours. Check out our Facebook Page.   Click here to view our history page.

    The Newcomers Club is non-sectarian, non-political, and non-commercial. If you have moved to the area within the last three years, you are eligible to join. Want more information on membership? Click here.

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My two cents...

I am still getting used to being in the South where spring and spring-like weather can start as early as January or February, but has definitely arrived by March. As much as I like the winter season with the beautiful snow, the holidays and activities; I love the spring season - the season of rebirth, growth and newness. It is for me the season of hope and positivity. Oh the possibilities are endless! Everything is fresh. With the evidence of flowers, and plantings, planned or natural, nature indicates that the time of new growth has arrived. It gives me hope, a sense of all things possible. It makes me happy. This positivity is also one aspect of a friend that I, personally, cannot resist. I have found that a friend who has an upbeat, positive, and happy outlook is someone I seek out.

Friends and their differing personalities remind me of flowers -- some are bright and cheerful, others are elegant, still others stand quietly in the background providing support or softening the rough edges. As this season of planting and rebirth begins, I want to surround myself with all the different flowers and allow their colors and scents to permeate my life.

Within Newcomers, we can also see the signs of Spring and newness. We have a new interest group starting - Doubles Hand and Foot. We have a luncheon to attend at another new venue with a fabulous speaker, and we are participating in the Ellen McAnelly Memorial St. Patrick's Day Parade. We still have all our wonderful interest groups, so whether your interest is in cards, dice, bowling, crafts, books or food; we have something you will enjoy. So be sure to check out our calendar and make plans.

Within this newsletter, you will find the nominees for the 2018-2019 term. These ladies represent another new beginning for NCGH and Nicki and her team will lead us well. I want to take a moment to thank them for accepting their individual responsibilities and to encourage them in their support of Newcomers. Please take some time this month to get to know them better.

Together, let's fill our lives here in Huntsville with friends, flowers and feelings of joy that come from newness.

In friendship,


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